What is Marimba Madness?

Marimba Madness is a camp dedicated to the instruction of classical percussion technique, with a particular emphasis on mallet percussion.

When is Marimba Madness?

June 20th-24th, 2016 [10AM-6PM]

Who is it for?

ANY student interested in bettering themselves as a percussionist. If you want to improve your solo marimba playing, get an edge on region tryouts, be a better percussionist in a band, or get ready for college auditions, this camp is for you.

Who else might be interested?

If you are a non-percussionist needing a head-start for playing "pit percussion" in marching band, or if you are a beginner in band and need a head start in mallet playing, this camp is also for you.

What will I learn?

The curriculum includes masterclasses and performance techniques on keyboard (two- and four-mallet playing, creative stickings, etc.), vibraphone and jazz theory, concert techniques of snare drum, orchestral accessories (bass drum, cymbals, tambourine, triangle, etc.), timpani techniques and maintenance, and performance techniques of Latin percussion instruments -- basically any technique you would use in your musical endeavors.
One favorite class that will also be offered is mallet wrapping and repair. Though mallet cores will not be provided (to keep the cost of the camp low), students will need to bring unwrapped mallets with them.

How much does it cost?

Tuition is $275 and includes a Marimba Madness t-shirt. Tuition for Returning Students is only $250.

When and where is the camp this year?

JJ Pearce High School
1600 N. Coit Rd.
Richardson, TX 75080

How do I sign up?

Registration is now online! Follow the link below to the registration form!
Tuiton can be mailed to -
Drew Lang
5406 Junius
Dallas, TX 75214

*Please make checks payable to Drew Lang.

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